Some of the subjects that we offer are;

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ERP service

Teacher is helping students

Even though we offer online training without mentor which you could use it at home, but we recommend you attend our online training course with mentor which is more effective; to learn more please visit Mentored Training & its Advantages page

To use our service at home you need a PC with high speed internet connection plus speaker and microphone. Consult with us for the right computer Hardware & Software.

Course fee policy

Indeed courses that we offer are free; students only pay for administration of courses as sign up fee and computer time usage at IMCO Academy premises which include mentor advice and guidance services.

Sign up fee varies depending for time frame that you need to use IMCO Academy facilities and services.

You may sign up for 3 months, 6 months or one year. Let’s assume you sign up for 3 months and you couldn’t complete your course in the time frame that you have selected, then you could extend it for another 3 months. Of course for the same course you may sign up for 6 months time frame which would be cheaper than singing for 3 months and then extend it for another 3 months.

Indeed you control your cost of learning for a subject.   Faster speed of learning, lesser cost.




Information & knowldge are key to success

How to sign up for a course?:

Answer the following question first:

• Are you member of academy? If your answer to the question is no go to Membership page apply for membership.

• Have you got your member ID? If your answer to the question is no call at (604) 879-1622 ask for your member ID.

• Have you selected your course? If not please consult with academy and select your course first.

• Have you filled up the form for course sign up? If your answer is no either sing up online or print the sign up form fill it up and bring it to the academy (for signup you have to decide the time frame that you want to register for the course, consult with academy if you are not sure of suitable time frame).

• Have you received the instruction for log in? If not please contact the Academy and ask for your class log in instruction.

If your answer to all above question is yes you are ready to start your course, go to academy and start your course, or you may log in on line and start your course from your home

For the first time your teacher will show you how to login and start your learning session and how to close your session and restart next time from where you left.

Visitors or those who want to use the system as trial, shall call Academy for demo or trial arrangement.