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Following is list of online courses that we are offering.

  1. Compuiter & Internet literacy series (you could acheive international certificate).
  2. English Language series for immigrants from Beginner to High Intermediate level.
  3. High School Supplementary and extra-curricular series for high school students and who is interested to learn science and math.
  4. English Pronunciation To improve your pronunciation skill or correct your pronunciation. (NEW)

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با عضویت در ایمکو آکادمی میتواند (برایگان) سایر ویدیوها را ببینید و تلفظ لغات انگلیسی را بیاموزید

Practice, practice and practice is the secret of pronunciation skill.

You could improve your pronunciation skill by practice.
Selected words are most common used or difficult words to pronounce even by native English speakers
نمونه های انتخاب شده کلماتی هستند یا اکثرأ در مکالمات استفاده میشوند یا
تلفظ شان مشکل است. با تمرین این کلمات مسلمأ تلفط شما بهتر خواهد شد
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