Some of the subjects that we offer are;

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Teacher is helping students

Course fee policy

Indeed courses that we offer are free; students only pay for administration of courses as sign up fee and computer time usage at IMCO Academy premises which include mentor advice and guidance services.

Sign up fee varies depending for time frame that you need to use IMCO Academy facilities and services.

You may sign up for 3 months, 6 months or one year. Let’s assume you sign up for 3 months and you couldn’t complete your course in the time frame that you have selected, then you could extend it for another 3 months. Of course for the same course you may sign up for 6 months time frame which would be cheaper than singing for 3 months and then extend it for another 3 months.

Indeed you control your cost of learning for a subject.   Faster speed of learning, lesser cost.




Information & knowldge are key to success

Mentored or supervised online training and its benefit

If you are visiting our website and reading this, you like to get training on the subject of your interest, but most of the time you have no time for training.

In traditional method you have to find the subjected course that you need to learn in an educational institution (academy, school, college or university) to suit your free time and your work schedule and your personal plan.
In traditional method of training an instructor teaches the material of the course with her/his best ability, controlling her/his speed of teaching for typical learner of the class. You as student must reschedule and plan your other tasks to attend such classes. Traditional training method leaves no time flexibility for student and has no flexibility for speed of learning of individual student.

Positive points about traditional method is; students could ask question and teacher tries to answer questions in the time limit of class, secondly quiz and test would be taken and scored and reported back to student so student knows of her/his own progress.

Negative points are; Time constrains, course schedule constrains, speed of class either is too slow or too fast, high price for a course.

Ideal is that a class be set up on the subject of your interest on your free time and class to be run with your speed of learning without losing positive points of traditional training method (Mentored or supervised Online Training is the solution).

With computer, telecommunication, and internet technology of today online training is possible, so class schedule, time and speed of learning could be under your control, means you decide when course be started. What time of the day on which days of the week your class to be conducted and how fast or slow class to be run and how many times a unit or section to be repeated until you learns that subject. All of these are now possible with online courses on the web. Remains the positive aspect of traditional training such as answering student questions by a teacher, test and quizzes, scoring tests by instructor and recording and reporting test result and advising for improvement. All of these would be available when you participated in IMCO Academy training classes with or without mentor. Mentor is indeed a professional person on the subject, which would be present as you learn and practice, gives advises and guides students. Academy keeps score for tests and reports score to student on weekly or monthly bases. Whenever student finishes a course student could take a final test, then class summary report of student would be prepared and forwarded to the student.

In some courses such as ABC IT (Computer & Internet literacy) courses if a student passes all tests of courses with average score above 80/100 a certification would be issued for the student.

With all advantages of mentored online training because of high cost of development, now in few subject such courses is available for public use. The greatest obstacle in this area of training is computer and Internet literacy and language, which is our prime objective to resolve it for our community.

Fortunately online training courses are developed for English speaking countries; everybody with fair knowledge in English is comfortable with them. In case of new immigrant that might have difficulty with their English we also have a mentored online ESL courses which already is thought in US.

However computer literacy is an important element of quality life of today living, especially for middle age and old age Canadians and majority of new immigrants, so we are focused on Computer & Internet literacy first

Come & learn ABC IT
(Computer and Internet literacy)