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Even though we offer online training without mentor which you could use it at home, but we recommend you attend our online training course with mentor which is more effective; to learn more please visit Mentored Training & its Advantages page

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English series as Second Language:

  1. First English course for beginners

  2. Second English course for Intermediate level

  3. Practice English and Reading

This series of courses (USA Learns) have been developed for USA immigrants and for those who need to practice their English vocabulary and practice reading and pronunciation .

The combination of sound, visual and cotext in video makes the USA learns series a powerful and motivating language learning tools

This series are for those who have no time to attend traditional courses, which need time and course schedule flexibility and would like to learn with their own pace. Time and course schedule flexibility plus speed of learning are big advantage of learning any course online. When you learn your English in IMCO we not only administer your traing as traditional schools (keep record of your test your score and times that you have attended the course. When you use our computer facility an instructor(coach) would be available to guide you through the course and give you advise for improving your learning skill and answers your questions.

You might use courses from home as long as you are a member of academy you will get our administrative service, but it is recommended to use the facility of IMCO Academy get guidance and advise of our mentor too. Of course you may use both option means you use our computers and mentor service and for futher practice of what you have learned at IMCO Academy you practice at home.

The online activities provide the opportunity for learner interaction, practice and mastery of the content. The activities allow learners to read and listen to the script multiple times; complete activities to demonstrate understanding and listening comprehension; practice speaking, writing and life skills using new vocabulary and structures in the context of the topics.

With online learning method you repeat a subject as much as you like until you fill you have learned that subject.

The Role of Teacher or Mento is; monitors, guides, suggests for improvement, encourage and motivivate the learners and answer to problem you have in using the course.

With USA learns you have freedom in studying English with your own pace in your free time.

To use our courses you need basic computer skills (we teach you this skill in few hours if you need please ask).

Basic required computer skills are;

For working at home you need a PC with high speed internet connection with sound card, speaker or headset, and microphone. In addition you must have this additional basic skill of computer;

First English Course for beginners (Course code:ESL01)

This course is intended for beginning level learners NRS Level 2 and 3

Course is organized in 20 units, each unit is building based on preseding content. Each unit consists of introduction & vocabulary and language practice and it is recommended you follow units one by one.

In language practice activities students uses the learned vocabulary as they learn grammer concepts. In every part of the unit reading , focused lisening, wirting and practicing students are challenged to use vocabulary that she/he has learned.

After completion of this course you may continue with Second Enlish Courses

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Second English Course for intermediate level. (Course code:ESL02)

This course intended for intermeduiate and high intermediate level learners NRS level 4 and 5.

This course could be used by everyone who wants to improve her/his English. It also known as English for all.

The stories in this section are designed to build vocabulary and comprehension skills.

course is organized in 17 units. The video stories of the Second English Course are presented in five topic headings. Each topic has a different set of characters and storyline presented in its four consecutive units.

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Practice English & Reading. (Course code:ESL03)

This course is inteded for higher intermediate and advance level student who want to practice and comprehend her/his Eglish.

This course offers 42 readings based on real-life situations. These stories can be used to supplement and extend the intermediate students’ curriculum. Each story contains a reading, vocabulary development, comprehension questions, and a writing prompt.

These activities are also appropriate for native English speakers who have limited literacy skills.

After this course student could join English courses as native English speakers.

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