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Computer & Internet literacy courses (ABC IT series)

What is ABC IT?

ALISON Basic Computing IT *(ABC IT) helps a student to learn practical skills and competencies and consists of three separate modules covering computer theory, practice and skills attainment, ABC IT is self-certified, meaning that a certificate of completion is available to students once they have achieved a success rate of 80% or more in the free tests, and have completed the basic introductory lessons provided for touch typing (keyboarding skill).

Who is ABC IT for?

ABC IT is for anyone who needs to learn basic computing skills or has a need to demonstrate to an international standard that they are fully competent in the use of a personal computer and common computer applications. Prospective learners should ideally have used computers and the more common software applications before, although it is well suited for complete beginners to take this course under guidance of a mentor.

ABC IT Features:

Online Learning
(students learn with their own pace of learning)
Standards-Mapped (Course objectives have been aligned with all basic computer literacy certifications currently available.)
Self-Directed Learning (Students learn whenever they have free time)

ABC IT benefits:

It is intended for those who need to, or wish to know how to use a personal computer. It is suitable for people from every work discipline, for people just entering the job market or for refreshing IT knowledge who are employed, and for all ages.

Benefits for Candidates:

Benefits for Employers:

Please notice when you sign up for one module of ABC IT series you will be registered on 3 modules at the same time.

For Computer & Internet Literacy certificate you must pass all tests of all 3 modules with score 80% or higher.

ABC IT-1 course (course code:CL01)

What is ABC IT-1?

ABC IT-1 introduces the learner to the very basic concepts of IT and teaches how computing is an everyday feature of life and work.

ABC IT-1 introduces the concept of the digital world or the 'digital age', outlining the opportunity and practicalities of e-mail, online business and e-commerce. The Unit presents basic IT training concepts of how to work safely with computers and the legal matters relating to the computer world. It also introduces the learner to the computer itself, both hardware and software, and the key concepts of information technology in general.

Finally, ABC IT-1 introduces the learner to the online world: Web browsers, e-mail, Web addresses, and bookmarking, messaging and practical lessons on how to manage e-mail.

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ABC IT-2 course (Course code:CL02)

What is ABC IT-2?

ABC IT-2 introduces the learner to the Microsoft Office 2003 application suite, one of the most commonly-used and most popular office-software packages worldwide. This suite includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Microsoft Word

This course introduces the learner to the fundamental principles of using Word 2003 and provides an understanding of the power of the Word 2003 word-processing system.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel 2003 combines a powerful spreadsheet application with the user-friendly atmosphere of Windows. Candidates will learn the basics of Excel; creating, editing, and saving worksheets.

Microsoft Access

This course will enable candidates to use and create a database using Access 2003, to an intermediate level.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This course is designed to give the users the ability to produce their own PowerPoint 2003 presentations.

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ABC IT-3 course (Course code:CL03)

What is ABC IT-3?

ABC IT-3 covers three of the most practical elements of computing which are:

Touch Typing (Keyboarding skill)

For the purposes of the free ALISON ABC IT certification, we simply ask learners to complete the basic touch typing course. These free lessons will introduce the learner to basic tips of touch typing and set the learner on the road to faster and more efficient desktop skills. At ALISON, we believe that touch typing is the single most under-appreciated skill in computing. A learners, perhaps beginning years of academic study, can literally waste months of their lives by being poor or slow typists.

How to use Gmail?

How to use Gmail introduces the learner to Web-based e-mail (Webmail) and specifically to Google’s Gmail (or Google Mail) service which we believe is one of the simplest and most efficient free mail services on the Web. Besides showing a new learner how to sign-up for an account, the course outlines the basic benefits and features of e-mail services generally. Whether using Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or other quality Webmail services, the learner will come away from this free course having a much better understanding of this very powerful communications tool.

Desktop Ergonomics

This free lesson encourages everyone to consider the risks associated with using display screen equipment, applying good ergonomic principles and adopting the correct work practices and postures. Learners will be shown what actions can be taken to ensure their workplace is a safe environment for them to work at and how to establish an ergonomic workstation.

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ABC IT Free Testing and Free Certification

All free testing is currently carried out within the courseware itself by way of the tests that are positioned at the end of every free lesson. Your learning record keeps track of your performance in these tests, and, once you have completed all lessons averaging 80% within these tests you are eligible for an ABC IT certificate. Completion of the touch typing training module is also required to qualify for the ABC IT certification.
Once certified, a learner can print (or digitally download and save) their ABC IT certificate, We can also arrange the original printed certificate by ALISON International for fee.