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Some of the subjects that we offer are;

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Teacher is helping students

Come visit us and let us to discuss about our system of training and what is the benefit of our Mentored Online Training and how it works. Free consultation for selecting your courses

Course fee policy

Indeed courses that we offer are free; students only pay for administration of courses as sign up fee and computer time usage at IMCO Academy premises which include mentor advice and guidance services.

Sign up fee varies depending for time frame that you need to use IMCO Academy facilities and services.

You may sign up for 3 months, 6 months or one year. Let’s assume you sign up for 3 months and you couldn’t complete your course in the time frame that you have selected, then you could extend it for another 3 months. Of course for the same course you may sign up for 6 months time frame which would be cheaper than singing for 3 months and then extend it for another 3 months.

Indeed you control your cost of learning for a subject.   Faster speed of learning, lesser cost.

Free Membership

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How to be member of the Academy?

If you want to learn online courses of the academy you must be a member of the academy. Academy membership is like registration in a college but it is free you don’ t pay a penny  up to the time that you decide to sign up for a course. 

As benefit of free membership you get one month additional time frame for signup of your first course, free of charge plus one hour computer time in the academy.

For trial run and evalution of online training please call us.

To apply for membership is easy either you could do it on line click here or print the Membership Form, fill up the formو either take it to academy or email to or mail it to the academy address;

IMCO Academy (membership)
#270 - 167 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8

If you have an email address your member ID would be emailed to you otherwise we mail it to your address.

Now you are ready for test run of our methodology

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