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In today’s competitive market, information about your business is, key for success.
Timely and accurate business information is essential for being competitive. Managing business information in timely and accurate manner is a delicate task.

In competitive market of today, information system and trained staff in computer and Internet are keys for running a successful business.

Training and refershment training of personnel is also key factor in running a successful business.

We offer courses for business employees as group training. Report of students' time attending the course and tests' scores would be forwarded to your office as well as to your employees. So you are informed on regular interval of your employees progress.

IMCO engineers would be glad to review your business and offer you group training for your employees. For business inquiry send email to our Business group

Benefits of group online training for Employers:

Business organizations:
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Teaching Method

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Method of teaching at IMCO Computer Academy is Mentored Online Training (MOT).

What is mentored online training
and its benefits?

In traditional method time schedule and duration of courses are set by schools, you have to schedule your work and your time to match the course schedule. No flexibility.

In online training you set schedule of your courses base on your free time and run your course with pace of your learning. Full flexibility.

At Mentored Online Training you have all flexibility of online training plus advantages of traditional training method (instructor monitor your progress and coach you).

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Information & knowldge are key to success

Computer & Internet literacy is key factor in finding job and is also essential for day to day activity of any individual.

Time constrain is major reason that you may not be able to get training that you need.

Our prime objective is to offer training without time constrain and with affordable price. Internet has made it technically possible to give training on any subject online without the hassel of time and Schedule of the course offered.

We at IMCO combined positive points of traditional training with advantages and positive points of online training developed Mentored Online Training method.

Advantages of Mentored Online Training (MOT) are:

Learning computer & Internet literacy is easy. You are few steps away from starting your training.

If you are new immigrant and you are not competent in English don’t be worry. We have a program for ESL students too. Please come consult with us.

Immigrants learn English in mentored online ESL courses faster with affordable cost and with passing comuter literacy training courses could find better jobs and find job faster.


Improve your English pronunciation skill ( free for members).
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